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AUSTRALIAN INDEPENDENT RADIO NEWS, known better around the industry as AIR News has been in operation since the end of 2004, and has been delivering National News and Sport services to Radio stations since then.


The organisation commenced as a sole trader business, as of 1st July 2011 transferred the operation to a company - AIR News Pty Ltd operated by Artie Stevens, and then as of 1st July 2019, the business was transferred to AIR News Media operated by Terry Daniel and his team, based out of Coffs Harbour in NSW.

Changing of the guard

At the start the service began in the dying days of 2004 as a simple supplement news service on a trial period to guage the requirements of the Community Radio media, with 3 bulletins a day 6am, midday and 6pm.

During the first three months it became apparent that stations required more than that and a couple of extras were added at 9am and 3pm.

A decision was taken in March 2005 to take the service up a further gear and go fulltime from the 1st April that year providing news services from 6am-6pm Mon-Fri, with 7am-5pm Sat & Sun added shortly afterwards.

The service was struggling at this point with only 4 Community station outlets, but in the middle of April Flow FM, or as it was known then Freshstream FM took up the service for their Commercial network.

In June 2005 we were contacted by the President of Feature Story News in the USA to propose adding their news services to our service and in return become the Australasia bureau home for Feature Story News. We added the service and commenced taking FSN reports on the 7th July 2005, the day that terrorist bombings returned to London.

Since then AIR News has delivered major stories from home to the FSN worldwide network which includes Vatican Radio, South African Broadcasting Corporation and Voice of America.

The association gives AIR News reporter facilities in the USA (Washington, New York, Orlando & San Francisco), Canada, London, Brussels, Moscow & Beirut.

From that point on the service has been growing steadily and has established radio outlets in every State and Territory of Australia.

In early 2006, we followed the Queen's Baton relay as it made its way around Australia for the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, and provided on the spot reporter services when the baton arrived in Yarra Glen and Healesville for the Flow FM service in the Melbourne Mountains (106.3FM).

That year we supplied an additional full Commonwealth Games reporter service for our stations, followed by Beijing OIympics coverage in 2008 and a full Olympics service for the London Olympics in 2012.

We regularly deliver specialist reports when the Tennis heads to Melbourne for the Australian Open and London for Wimbledon through our partnership with Paul Walsh Media Services.

In late 2014, AIR News returned to major Commercial radio providing breakfast news services for RadioTAB based in Brisbane. The RadioTAB service originating in Brisbane is relayed to major outlets in Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin, and also out to each of their regional areas.
We also deliver to all Sky Sports Radio outlets in NSW at the weekend.

Currently AIR News is delivering the following every week:

  • 144 National News/Sport bulletins
  • 35 State/Territory bulletins - 1 each morning for each State & Territory
  • 10 editions of News headlines
  • 10 editions of AIR Sport Australia
  • 5 editions of The World

The bulletins are delivered via the internet which allows for inexpensive transfer of audio files with no requirement for expensive satellite equipment, just a broadband connection and some special download software which we provide to clients.

Each bulletin is pre-recorded by a short period to ensure that material is as up to date as possible. The audio is professionally recorded and edited to present as professional a finished product on our network stations as possible.

Stations can choose whether to receive the News and Sport as a single audio file for ease of broadcast or as separate items so that they can have their own intros or sponsor announcements. There is no news theme, so stations are at liberty to brand their own to best suit their audience.

From 7:30 each morning Monday to Friday stations in all states and territories have a local bulletin available which they can run anytime they like during a morning covering stories of interest in that particular state or territory. Stations are at liberty to run these particular bulletins a couple of times during the day.

The headlines service is designed for Breakfast and Drive sessions and usually runs about 1:15. For stations that like to keep a "news focus" this can be an ideal driver to the next bulletin.

AIR Sport Australia is a solid wrap of all major sports news and results twice a day Monday to Friday. It usually runs between 3 & 4 minutes and is ideal for the busy Breakfast & Drive shows. It covers all the major sports of interest to Australians.

The World is our international news magazine which is available every day Monday to Friday. It runs 10 minutes exactly and consists of major stories from all the world hot spots covering terrorism, politics, economics, health and technology stories.